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University Management System

The University Management System (UMS) helps in maintaining all the data that matters in an educational institution. It can include student database, employee-centric data, and information pertaining to all the parties to the institution. The core management can measure each and every aspect of the institution’s day-to-day operations as well as be aware about the student’s learning as well. It is basically the entire campus available virtually.

Virtual space at your Redressal!

We believe in simplifying things which is the beauty of e campus. We have figured the UMS module with the object to keep things free from hassle and chaos.

Our product ensures that the user at the administrative level does not have to juggle between places just to oversee and organize the entire database. Click one tab you see student’s information, go to another tab you’ll see the teachers’ information. It’s just that effortless.

The Admins can view the total no. of students enrolled, no. of professors, total revenue earned and other kinds of statistics on the homepage of the portal itself.

UMS Features

  • Manage huge chunks of students as well as professors’ data
  • Oversee the total no. of users in each categories
  • Management of courses and subjects
  • Alumni management
  • Data access in various formats such as Excel, cvs, pdf, etc.
  • Set-up permissions and rights for other users
  • Post case studies, pages, blogs, etc
  • Leave management System for employees as well as students
  • Hostel management
  • Inventory management
  • Schedule meetings among various departments and synchronize their operations
  • News bulletin, events and announcements
  • Transportation management for tracking:
    1. College stops and routes
    2. Bus Pass
    3. Live tracking
    4. Student transport receipt
    5. Route wise fare
  • Library management
    1. Library cards
    2. E-book management
    3. Barcode support
    4. Late fee penalties
  • Employee management features such as:
    1. Attendance
    2. Time tracking
    3. Employee record
    4. Define pay structure, salary slips for individual employees


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