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Webcam based Assessment System

The Webcam Based Assessment System helps the universities organize and conduct assessments on the electronic platforms in the exact manner that the desire. In requires the use of webcams and microphones while the students are attempting their exam.

E-assessments are online tests conducted with the purpose of evaluating, analyzing, and documenting the academic readiness, learning progress, skill acquisition, or educational needs of the test takers.

How Webcams help in Online Assessments?

We believe in simplifying things which is the beauty of e campus. We have figured the UMS module with the object to keep things free from hassle and chaos.

Our product ensures that the user at the administrative level does not have to juggle between places just to oversee and organize the entire database. Click one tab you see student’s information, go to another tab you’ll see the teachers’ information. It’s just that effortless.

The Admins can view the total no. of students enrolled, no. of professors, total revenue earned and other kinds of statistics on the homepage of the portal itself.

Features of e campus Webcam based Assessment System:

  • Enables easy authenticity of students appearing for the e-assessment.
  • Does not require the physical availability of a teacher to keep an eye on the examinees.
  • Ease of giving exam anytime anywhere.
  • Facilitates cost and time effectiveness.
  • Quick results in case of a practice test.
  • Helps the students and the teacher evaluate and analyse students overall performance.
  • E-assessments proves environment friendly as it saves paper and its distribution cost.


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